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Heart + stick (Herz)

❤️ Blooms forever
🌱Sustainably & fairly handmade

Product description

– Figure dimensions: (large/small) approx. 6cm x 5cm / 2.5cm x 2.5cm

– Wire handle (can be shortened): (large/small) (43cm/30cm)

– Suitable for outdoor and indoor use

– Double fired at over 1000°C

– durable

– Fairly & sustainably handmade


Care & Instructions
– Easy to care for because they bloom all year round.

– Weatherproof: for garden, balcony and
Suitable for living room.

To be on the safe side, we still recommend if the
Temperatures go below 0 degrees to bring the flowers indoors.

A notice:
Fine, cobweb-like lines may appear/be present in the glaze.
However, this is normal and can happen sooner or later with any type of ceramic
come. It is not a sign of inferior quality. Our ceramics are made at
Double fired over 1000°C, this protects it from easy chipping and
makes it weatherproof.

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dark blue, light blue, pink, purple (light), red (dark), white


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